How to Build a Memorable Brand (Especially on Social Media)

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When I was starting out my business, I was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of advice I read from blogs about how to build a brand and what branding really is. Branding is just a defined identity of what you not only as a business, but as a human represents.

So the most important aspect to focus on while you’re in the process of brand creating is:

  1. Determine your target audience
  2. Establish your mission philosophy – what’s your core message
  3. Creating your 5 pillars  For example: My pillars are Travel, Mindset, Business & Anxiety, Relationships
  4. Be clear about what kind of impact you want to make
  5. Identify how you want your audience to feel    
  6. Showing up authentically 


With that being said, I’d like to go through a quick and easy process with you so you can determine those things above and help your brand identity stand out from the crowd – ESPECIALLY on social media. All you need is a piece of paper, pen/pencil and a dream to touch others by your business, whether you’re an Online Coach, Blogger, Influencer, etc… You must nail this branding down before you’ll be really known and remembered. Because you gotta give them something to remember!

So let’s start:

I want you to think about who you are as person; how people from an outside perspective may think of you and also how your closest friends & family would describe you.

Now write down what came up; both perspectives. If there’s a substantial difference between both opinions, then we know we need to break the shell a little and become more REAL & AUTHENTIC on social media. This can be practiced over time, but as we go into what I call Share-able Pillars,  I want you to keep in mind that they need to be focused on who YOU and the deeper the better.

People are multi-passionate and life has a lot of depth to it. Same goes to you honey, so why are you only sharing about one thing?! This method I’m about to give you is what I go through with all my clients as they come to me a bit lost about what their next steps are on Instagram. This gives a lot of clarity, as well as an executable plan for your social media game.

I want you to think about 4-5 key things about you. Those things need to be true to who you are, a subject that may build curiosity in someone else and something that you’d love to be known for. Like I said before, my Share-able Pillars are Travel, Mindset, Business, Anxiety, and My Relationship. So with knowing that, I know exactly how and what I’ll build my brand around. If you follow me on Instagram or ever seen my content, then you’ll know I share about just those things. It makes me memorable, authoritative and relatable in those categories. I’d suggest writing down a list and brainstorm which pillars you feel you can step fully into and be super aligned with.

Once you establish what your Share-able Pillars are and you’ve done some deep self-discovery, it’s time to figure out who the hell will listen?! It’s important to have a deep understanding who you’ll be doing this all for.

Write down these questions along with answers:

  1. Who do I want to be seen by?
  2. Who needs me and my message?
  3. How do I want to feel when I’m sharing my message?
  4. How do I want someone to feel when they think about me?
  5. Where can I find this person?

Boom! Once you have these answered, you’ll be able to see a more defined avatar – which is who will be your person – your buyer, your follower, your supporter, etc… Branding doesn’t need to be this overwhelming “I’m in another dimension” type situation. I find the most important aspect just being truly authentic. Learning to be vulnerable, sharing things that might give you stomach flurries and showing up as who you really are. Because I promise you, I’ve seen it time and time again, that shit SELLS. Which is exactly what you need, right?

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