Building a Community Vs. a Following

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Let’s talk Instagram; aka the app that everyone loves to hate and hates to love.

I know first hand that the thought of growing a following on Instagram can be overwhelming, scary and honestly, annoying af. With the algorithm always changing, the follow/unfollow games, blah blah blah; it can feel so out of reach when you’re doing everything “right” but those numbers just ain’t budging.  I so feel you. I once was you.

Back story: 

In the beginning of 2018, I only had 600 (very un-engaged) Instagram followers. In March I began to gram more intentionally with the first milestone goal to hit 5k. I swear that took a lifetime. I was growing slowly and the engagement wasn’t anything special.

Now, after just 10 months I’ve hit over 14k followers with an average of 1k+ likes and 30-80 comments.

What did I change? MY STORY. 

What I noticed most with my personal account as well as many other Grammers is that when you share personal stories, vulnerable situations, etc… you really then inspire. Why is that so important? Because Instagram (and all social media) is so flooded with these “Perfect” lives that it’s a breath of fresh air when you stumble upon some legit depth. Life is rocky and imperfect, people have anxiety, feel depressed, battle with insecurities, feel lost, and so on… So it’s really important to remember, when you’re building a social media presence, to remain authentic. BE REAL. Show that side of yourself that may make you feel uncomfortable. Create an environment that’s not only safe for yourself but your following. It’s undoubtedly the most liberating feeling when you share something personal and you receive a flood of DM’s either acknowledging your feelings, sharing their own story or letting you know you really spoke to them. And if  you’re thinking right now, “Yeah in the actual hell am I talking about that stuff,” it’s okay, I have something else.

Some other ways to building a community instead of just a following is giving lots and lots of free value. In other words, give em the goods.

That can be done in many different ways like:

  • Creating a Facebook Group
  • Giving knowledgeable tips via Posts, Stories or HGTV
  • Making free guides
  • And engaging + getting to know your followers


And if you do all the above AND get real, raw and vulnerable, your community will grow with aligned individuals who will legit be waiting for your next post!



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